September Updates

Noteworthy Events and Observations

Traffic Calming Study

Speeding through our neighborhood has been a major concern for many of our residents with small children, pets, and those who enjoy walking or running the Kimberly Drive loop for exercise. We have requested a traffic calming study be performed by Cobb County Department of Transportation. There are several key metrics that would allow us to get speed humps installed throughout our neighborhood.

Door-to-Door Solicitation

Cobb County has clear rules and laws regarding door-to-door solicitation. The law clearly states that any resident who does not wish to receive solicitations must exhibit, in plain sight at their front door, a sign clearly stating "No Solicitation". This means that a sign at the neighborhood entrance is unenforceable by law as the signs must be affixed and visible at the individual residence.

Any solicitor who approaches a residence exhibiting a "No Solicitation" sign must turn away and not solicit at that individual residence or else they will be in violation of law. This does not apply to religious groups or political organizations. The law does not allow for the HOA to make a blanket prohibition for an entire subdivision (i.e. Entryway signage).

Various Cobb County Code Violations

As your Westgate HOA, we want to be a first line of defense against any Cobb County official issuing a citation or fine for code violations. It has been brought to our attention that several residents are in violation of Cobb County Code. In order to avoid fines and citations, please make sure you are in compliance. THIS IS NOT AN HOA CODE! This is upheld by Cobb County Code Enforcement, against whom we do our best to prevent them from bothering you, our neighbors.

Fall Yard Sale

Westgate Neighborhood is known for its yard sales! By organizing everyone to host a yard sale simultaneously, we can increase traffic to everyone... meaning you clear out your unwanted unneeded items and earn a little extra money for holiday gifts and trips! No registration required, just have your items ready and accessible on Saturday, October 14th!

Good Deeds Make Good Neighbors

We check emails regularly, but the best way to get in touch with us is through a text message!